Earplugs and Blinders

Yesterday, two flies drowned in my coffee.  This is not a eulogy for the flies, but for the coffee.  I mean, it was practically a full cup, in one of those tall, white ceramic Sbux mugs.  How can someone– someone who really loves coffee– countenance public swimming in their cuppa?

We’ve been spending a great deal of time in the mornings on the road in front of the house, riding the fleet of kid vehicles from our house and the neighbors across the street.  Every morning, I’ve optimistically taken my coffee out to the front steps, along with the newspaper.  And every morning I’ve enjoyed about three drinks of my coffee and read about a half column of a story before my attention is required elsewhere– specifically, in the middle of the street mediating a miniature traffic dispute.

So I’m thinking I need to acquire blinders and earplugs to engineer a little peace each morning.  Actually, I’ve got the earplugs covered; but does anyone know where I can get those blinders like the ones racehorses wear?  Kentucky Derby shop or something?  Just think, unable to hear the demands or see the messes being made, I could enjoy my coffee in peace and get myself mentally prepared for the day…

What’s that you say?  “Try getting up before the kids?”  Hmmm.  I’m sure there are lots of good reasons I don’t do that… ummm.  Yeah, they’re on the tip of my tongue.  Alright, smarty pants, I’ll take it under advisement…  But I warn you, if I start typing blogs before 6:30am, you’re in for even more gibberish than you’re already getting!

OK, taking off the earplugs now.  I’ll go enjoy my chaos; you go enjoy yours– whatever your particular brand.  That’s my backhanded way of saying, “have a good day!”


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