Reports of my demise…

…have been greatly exaggerated.  I’m still here.  Just been kind of swamped with end of the year commitments, and with all the family back in the fold.  For some stay-home moms this is cake, but for me, one birthday celebration, four teacher gifts, and a Father’s Day celebration kept me well occupied– not to mention last-days-of-school activities and now no preschool time whatsoever.  Plus, I admit, I’ve been enjoying Will’s company now that he’s back from school– I hesitated to withdraw to the computer too much and leave him alone. (Don’t know why, since he has so many good friends on Discovery Channel to catch up with– Mike Rowe, the Mythbusters, and more.)

This morning I finally sat down with a cup of kopelani blend (hot, w/milk) to write a blog, and I was completely frozen.  So many topics and observations to share have flitted through my mind in the past 10 days, so why couldn’t I write?  I couldn’t even sit at the computer and wonder about it– I felt a physical compulsion to be up and doing the dishes or attending to the littles or… something.  So what’s up with that?

Well here it is:  Clay was home this morning, and for some reason I think that made it impossible for me to sit here and ‘chat’ with you all.  It’s not like he was asking me to do anything.  He wasn’t even paying attention to what I was doing– just sitting at the table with his computer, doing his own work.  But it was like trying to have a real cup of coffee and a chat with a friend at the same table where he was working.

Now wouldn’t you think I could manage a virtual cuppa in any circumstances?  Isn’t that the advantage of the Internet– you know, working from home in your bunny slippers or whatever?  Weigh in on this, please, let me know if you have similar issues or if I’m the only one.  It’s stagefright without the stage!

Another confession:  we had a major lightning storm last evening, so I turned off the computer without finishing and publishing this blog.  Given the extenuating circumstances… I’m breaking my carryover rule, and publishing now.  And by the way, the night of “unplugged” activity was really fun.  We played Scattergories, which we haven’t played since the older kids were in first and second grade (seeing their old answers on the scorepads was worth playing in itself!  How ‘bout “krooked fish” for a menu item beginning with K?  Or “cansas” for a state beginning with C?)

Anyway, back soon, I promise.  Summer has to fall into some kind of rhythm (one that includes quality time with coffee at my computer) eventually, right?

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