Dance while you work

Ode to the Dropkick Murphys:

Slash that guitar and bang that drum

Scream an anthem, make those pipes hum!

Takes more than a beat to make ME(!) 

dance around the kitchen for the whole world to see!

Good thing I don’t understand your Irish-punk tongue,

‘Cause your uncommon sound makes this momma feel young.

That was a completely necessary tribute, because even after a workout this morning, the Dropkick Murphy’s rendition of “Amazing Grace” made me ignore my coffee and dance around the kitchen like a punk rocker.  Yes, THAT Amazing Grace!  It’s unusual, but not disrespectful, and when you’re in the mood– well, it will force you to dance!  (Check out the 30-second sample on iTunes– just search Dropkick Murphys and then find Amazing Grace on the right-hand side of the page, under top songs.  Some of you will hate it, but some might like it.)

Do you think I’m getting weirder with age?  Or is it all this time alone with small children?  Oh well, a little goofiness is good– I, for one, need more of that in my life.

Guess what?  I’m starting tennis lessons– for real, I am!  They were supposed to start today, but we got rained out.  I’m excited to get to compete in a game (instead of secretly racing the person on the fitness machine next to me…).  I’m also excited to do drills (Sue, if you’re out there, you know what I mean– like the 20 balls drill!).  It’s a group lesson, so it should be interesting to see what the other women are like– will they be like real tennis ladies, or more like me?  Will I be able to hold my own, never having had a lesson before?  What if I launch a few over the fence (as I have occasionally been known to do when playing against Will).  I’ll just take it as a different kind of prowess, as he did when he went to tennis camp at age 6:  “Mom, guess what?  I hit the ceiling!”

Since we didn’t have the lesson today, I went to the gym instead after I dropped off the kids (it’s in the same building where the littles go to preschool).  As I was leaving after the workout, I walked out the lobby doors and right into Quinn’s class.  They were on a field trip outside to see TRUCKS!  A fire truck and a front loader obligingly came to the JCC for all the children to see today.  I can’t wait to hear about it.  But poor Q was a bit confused to see me there…

And speaking of Q and preschool, it’s already time for me to be going for pickup.  I’m keeping my promise to not over-edit or spend a lot of time thinking through these blogging blasts– they truly are a cup of coffee’s worth (or sometimes two).  Hope that’s okay with you all.  Today I’m having Starbucks’ Kopelani blend from the stovetop espresso machine again, with hot water and a little milk.  I think I need to branch out, so I can report something else when I write!  Have a great day, one and all.  I highly encourage you to find something that makes YOU dance around the kitchen today!

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