More ease in this season

I have possibly the best treat in the world in front of me:  a fresh cup of coffee and a chocolate covered almond rolled in cocoa powder (2 actually, and I will probably go back for more).  Mmmmmmm.

This morning while driving Chloe to school, I was thinking of you all.  You see, I’ve discovered that I can take my coffee mug in the car– I don’t need to use that awful stainless commuter mug (the 10-yr-old one that always gets coffee on my nose!).  And while I was enjoying morning coffee from a functional mug, I was also thinking about how much easier life is when warm weather arrives.  No wrestling coats onto sleepy little kids, no scraping  windshields or warming up the car for littles, no icy roads… just plop the jammy-clad kids into their carseats, start the engine, and off we go.  Thinking of my cuppa chaos friends, I wondered if they feel the same way.  So the question of the blog is, “Does your life change much with the weather?  What are the best (and worst) effects of summer on your daily routine?”  Answer or not… I was just wondering.

On a somehow related note, I saw something interesting in the J.Jill catalogue last night.  (I was supposed to be cleaning out the old catalogues, but…well, obviously there were still some pages I hadn’t looked at!).  They had a sweepstakes for a “women’s safari.”  So I went to to check it out.  Now I want to go on a surf safari.  No, I’m not kidding!  I might wait till the shark attacks currently happening in Mexico come to an end, but otherwise, I think it would be SO fun.  Anyone want to go?  Of course, it IS wicked expensive, so I’ll need some time to save up those dimes from the couch cushions and the dryer lint tray!  But maybe someday.  Wanna come, Chloe?  With your babysitting, maybe you could pay my way, too!

We visited friends at the Cape this weekend, and somewhere along the line I ended up with a little time all alone in a beach chair in the sun with a cerveza.  If I could figure out a formula for making that happen, I would bottle it and sell it.  Anyway, it was really nice.  The tradeoff for the scramble to make the overnight trip happen, and to get Claire to the birthday party she went to Sat. a.m., and to get the flowers planted and the lawn mowed, and to do all the other things that needed to be done end of last week, was that I let another opportunity to meet a goal go by.  Remember when I first started this blog I was talking about dusting off some old pencil drawings to enter in an exhibit?  Well that deadline went by without me long ago.  But last week I noticed that this past Sunday was the dropoff date for submitting entries to the Marblehead Festival of Arts.  I pulled out my favorite ‘almost-finished’ works and… I just couldn’t finish.  I was too afraid of messing up by trying to quickly finish, especially when I’ve been away from artwork for so long.  But I feel like I let myself down by letting yet another year go by without reaching for that goal– which is really just to try and get something into an exhibit.  I’m not trying to be a commercial artist or anything!

I’ll resist the urge to get all heavy and compare myself to J.Alfred Prufrock or something (“…do I dare?”).  Just sharing a disappointment, I guess.  You know, over coffee with a friend?  Mine is home-brewed Kopelani again.  And yes, I’ve had too much caffeine today.  Hope your day is happy and your coffee is delicious, my friends.

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