Can you believe my first coffee this morning is decaf?  Wonders never cease.  I’m also dictating the spelling of a letter Claire is writing to Will, so it will be a wonder if I can hold a thought long enough to complete a sentence.  She really does a great job of writing the letters I tell her will spell what she wants to say.  But she doesn’t like spaces– she says they ‘make her tired.’  Come to think of it, maybe it IS the spaces between that make us tired– you know, when we stop and sit down for, say, a coffee break?  Maybe if we just pushed through without pause… NAH!

I hesitate to mention the article I read this morning.  It was about saving just $10 a day.  That becomes $300 a month, which invested at 5% and continuing for 5 years, becomes $20K!  In 10 years, $46K.  By contrast, putting that $10 on a credit card each day (and presumably letting it sit there) gets you $30K of debt in 5 years or $167K of debt in 10 years.  Ouch!  I don’t spend $10 a day on coffee, nor do I put it on a credit card; but that does give me pause to contemplate the frequency of my Starbucks stops with the family (about $9 w/two kids drinks, a Coco drink and my Americano).  If we go once a week every week for 10 years, we will have foregone a little less than $1000 in savings over that time.  Of course, the cost of the coffee will probably be about that much in ten years’ time… so by “Micki-nomics” it totally makes sense to do a Starbucks treat at least once a week!  Plus, isn’t that some kind of economic stimulus?  Keeping the baristas employed?

In full belief of my own rhetoric, I’ve done my part today.  After walking Claire to school, Q and I stopped by SBUX for an iced Americano and a chocolate milk (I had the coffee, he had the milk!).  We took our bevs to the Marblehead Garden Center, where we spent the next hour wandering somewhat aimlessly through crowded aisles of plants.  In the end, as Quinn splashed through the rivers made by the constant watering, and I tried to ignore my growing desperation for a bathroom (thank you, Americano), we dashed to the checkout with a satisfyingly colorful and hardy (I hope) assortment to add to our sparse front plantings.  I think it’s supposed to get down to the mid-40s tonight.  Will that kill them?

Anyway, planting is later.  Now we have to dash again, to pick up Claire from school and have lunch at the park.  Hope you all are having a wonderful day.

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