Treating Oneself

It’s been over a week since my treat came, so time to post the picture I promised Kelli…

I still haven’t decided whether I really liked treating myself to that, or whether I kind of feel guilty.  I mean, I love the face cream– love it.  I think maybe I’m just having trouble abandoning the “martyr” role.  Like, ‘well now that I’ve done that for myself, I really have to be good for a while.’  Stupid, but hey, I’m just being honest.  Does anyone else find themselves thinking that way (you know, if we’re really honest with ourselves)?  Or am I way far gone?

It reminds me of a story from when I was in junior high.  You’re really going to think I’m crazy when I tell this.  You see, there was a wool skirt I really wanted– really, really wanted.  I got it for Christmas and I was elated.  But then I felt so guilty for how much I wanted a “thing”, that I punished myself by putting it away in its box in the store room for a couple weeks (I couldn’t even let myself enjoy the box!).  By the time my ‘punishment’ was over, I only had a few weeks to wear it before winter was over.  Crazy.  Hope none of you are psychotherapists.  And yes, I am using AND enjoying the face cream, so I guess that’s progress!

So.  Feel free to jump in with anything happier, anyone.  I have to sign off to go meet Will.  The littles and I are treating him to a midweek lunch out.  Feels much nicer to treat someone else…

The usual today, guatemala antigua brewed stovetop espresso style, with hot water and milk.  Coffee is fresh from Starbucks yesterday, though.  Does anything smell better than a bag of freshly ground coffee?

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