Vicuna- Silver Screen- America’s Cup

Bothersome rules.  I’ve just had to delete an entry I began several days ago.  Remember the first rule I set for myself on this blog: no carryover… if it’s not finished and published same day, I have to delete it.  So now you’ll never know about Snatcher, the monster who lives under my stove.  Aren’t you disappointed?

But that’s okay.  Instead, I’ll tell you about how my house has been turned upside down for the last several days.  Right after the last time I wrote, the painters we’d hired a couple weeks before announced they were ready to show up.  They showed up the same morning my parents arrived for a week-long visit.  To put it in a positive light, I’ll say that Mom and Dad, Chloe, the littles and I were up and out doing something every single day of this vacation!  Staying home was not an option.  Fortunately for us, the weather was beautiful, and we spent more than a little time on the beach.  But all that belongs on the family blog, I guess.

I will say that now, a “mere” eight days later, all those hideous remnants of wallpaper– or remnants of the hideous wallpaper someone swathed this house in at some point– are history!  W000-H000!  Slowly, slowly, we are moving toward victory over 1970s and 80s decorating tastes!  I know someday someone will stand in my hallway and say, “Ugh.  Vicuna is so 2008!”  But it won’t be me.  (Vicuna, by the way, is in no way related to Harvest Gold.  Though some may say they bear a resemblance, I vigorously deny any connection between the two).  Silver Screen is the color of my glamourous new bedroom– I’m thinking of going platinum blonde myself, and wearing more sequined gowns.  Clay is going to start wearing topsiders, a sailing jacket and a cravat, just to live up to all this bright white “America’s Cup” detailing throughout the house.

Sigh.  I’m sitting here with a glass of bubble water.  I just really want some coffee right now.  Guatemala Antigua brewed espresso style and served like an Americano.  ‘Scuse me.  I have to go take care of something…

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