Death by Caffeine

Today it’s an iced, venti Americano with an extra shot of espresso.  Perfect for keeping in the car while you run errands all morning.

I learned something at Starbucks today.  Did you know that the darker the roast, the less caffeine in the drink??  It totally made my day to find that out, because I love my Americanos, and I was feeling guilty for getting a venti.  Even though all the baristas in Starbucks this morning assured me it was true, I decided to do a little independent research.  I got sidetracked immediately at The Energy Fiend’s Death by Caffeine page, learning that it would take 128.5 shots of espresso to kill me!  Now THAT is valuable information.  But I also learned the baristas are correct:  S’bucks Grande Americano= 225mg caffeine, while S’bucks Grande coffee= 330mg!  So hey, that extra shot of espresso, Kelli?  Go for it!  Espresso has less caffeine than regular coffee!

So.  You didn’t ask, but I’ll tell you anyway.  What did I do with my 2+ free hours this morning while Quinn and Claire were both at preschool?  (That only happens twice a week, so these are important hours).  I usually spend a token 20-25 minutes on a cardio machine at the JCC before I go home, but today I blew it off because I knew I had a lot to accomplish.  I ran home, showered and then picked up the house in high speed prep for Gabriela coming to clean.  It was especially annoying to deal with all the little game pieces the kids have spilled out of games while raiding the closet in the basement, so I threw them all in a basket and have yet to face sorting them back into their proper boxes.  At least no one got into “Risk” this time (those little plastic warriors get all stuck in the carpet, and they snag when you pull them up).

Once the house was cleaning-ready, I ran out the door.  A stop at the post office to buy stamps and mail a few bills.  Forgot that it was tax day, and of course there were lines– but fortunately we have an electronic kiosk from which I could do the stamps and mail Will’s package (chocolates wrapped by Claire!).  Then a dash into the library to pick up some books I’d reserved for Clay (on contemporary furniture).  Then, simply because I wanted to, my stop at Starbucks.  With cupholder properly loaded, I drove to Salem to get my paint “file” set up at the paint store so the contractor knows what to buy.  That was much quicker than I thought it would be, so I had time to go get a baguette at my favorite local bakery (across the street from the paint store).  The kids and I ate it at the park and on the back deck while waiting for Gabriela to finish.

Are you entranced with the details of my day?  Should I start wearing a webcam on my head like some of those pioneering kids I’ve read about?  Just wait till tomorrow, when I go into detail about cleaning the basement…  Kidding!  Tomorrow we can be loftier– art or literature, or auto repair.

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