Sniff, sniff, snore.

“Sniff.”  Louder, “sniff.”  Repeat 20 times, and you have 6:20 am in my bed this morning.  Then, “clang,” Matchbox Tow-Mater hits the headboard.  “Clang.”

“Quinn, stop,” I say quietly.

“Sniff.  Sniff.  Sniff.”  I inspect his nose with a kleenex.  Nothing to wipe or excavate (if you know what I mean).  The room has that grayish cast, and I can hear rain.  Is it insanely early, or just icky outside?  I lift my head to glance at the clock:  it’s both.

Clay isn’t bothered by the noise, so I turn my back on Quinn and squeeze my eyes shut.  “Sniff.”  And then there’s a little foot in my ear.  And then there are fingers in my hair.  I push the foot away, only to get a knee in the back.  It’s Tike Chi, a martial art practiced by all small children on their parents in the wee hours of the weekend.  It’s very effective.  I surrender at 6:33.


I have a confession.  Yesterday I ordered myself some face cream from the Estee Lauder website.  This is a big treat– I’ve waited several months to actually get this magical creme de la creme (something about the texture and the packaging, I just feel rich when I have it!).  As I was checking out, I noticed that there was free gift-wrapping.  Why not?  Why shouldn’t I have the pretty packaging?  So I had it gift-wrapped AND I wrote a card, “To Mom, Enjoy, from the anti-aging elf.”  I was amused and pleased.  I told Chloe and she laughed but clearly thought it was over-the-top.  I told Clay and he wasn’t even amused.

Tell me, really (remember we keep it real in the Cuppa room), is that harmlessly weird?  Or did I cross a line into some self-centered or greedy territory?  Come to think of it, I know the answer to that.  You can still give me your opinions, but I know that the spirit in which I did it was fun and silly rather than bitter or resentful.  So it’s okay, it’s just that not everyone can appreciate that humor.  I think my old friend Anne would.  I’m going to get back in touch with her…

Off to drink my coffee.  Venti Americano with room.  And how about an extra shot of espresso in that?  Add a little whole milk… ahhhh.

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