Beware, ye brave souls who enter here:  this is all about me, Micki.  It’s what I’m thinking at any given moment I happen to levitate, gravitate or crawl to the computer.  These are the things I might talk about if I saw more adults on a daily basis.  Or maybe I would self-edit more if I were actually saying these things aloud.  But no matter.  With Happy Chaos I try to keep the focus on the family (no relation to those nice Dobson people), but with Cuppa Chaos I’ve decided to claim a little cyberspace of my own.  I won’t send out updates or anything, I’m just going to post whatever, whenever.   I might actually be happiest if no one reads this blog and I just get to be a voice shouting in the wilderness.  In fact, I don’t know if I’m brave enough to do this in front of you all.

I’m going to set myself a few rules:  1) no carryover– any entry not published the same day I start it will be deleted; 2) no editing except on the fly; 3) no posing– keep this stuff real.

Anyone else want to play?  Use the comments section to jump in with your own thoughts– related or unrelated– anytime.  It’s scarier to do this in front of family and friends than in front of strangers.  So I don’t mind if no one jumps in, so long as you don’t mind if I take this little forum into a more anonymous sphere if I find I just can’t do what I’m trying to do here.

So here goes my first burst:  I just read about an art show going on at a local gallery housed in what is ‘widely’ know as the birthplace of “Graphite Joe.”  (I swear this town has more ‘famous’ characters with funny names… I’ll have to google this guy, but I think he invented the modern pencil or something).  Anyway, the show is of works in pencil.  I have LOTS of those from Paris, so my manic side is saying, ‘hey, why not pull some out, frame them, and see if they’re accepted?’  So I might.  I want to frame a few favorites for our bedroom (soon to be redecorated!), anyway.   Now, there’s a good chance my depressive side will jump in tomorrow and tell me a hundred reasons not to do this.  A wrestling match will ensue, with take-downs, reversals, escapes, and eventually a decision.  Who will win?

Today, make mine a grande latte, hot.  What are you having?

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