The Paparazzi

Chloe and Clay took off early Thursday morning on a little ski getaway. As they got into the car on the frigid morning, I waved frantically from the front window, brandishing the camera and asking them to take it. Chloe saw me and relayed the question to Clay, then signaled his answer back to me: a thumbs-down, head-shaking “no”!

How can I be expected to post credible pictures if my victims won’t cooperate?? No wonder the paparazzi chase cars and hide in hedges! At least three times in the past week, I’ve been warned not to take a picture of some charming or hilarious scenario unfolding before me. I mean, Clay wouldn’t let me photograph the “special” hair-do Claire gave him, and the big kids each waved me off of early morning (like 10am!) photos. It’s enough to make one turn to nature photography.

The thing is, there’s a deeper problem here. My mind is a highly disorganized place, and I rely on photos to help me catalog our lives. Great little moments are gone so quickly, and we move on to the next thinking we’ll definitely remember that last– but we (or, at least, I) don’t. Actually, it’s very internet-like: click a link, forget where you were before. I have a theory that the internet is killing my brain. Not only am I getting too much random information, but I’m beginning to think in hyperlinks– jumping from one topic to another before following the first to its necessary conclusion. Wait a minute, I guess I’ve always done that (does that mean I invented the Internet???).

So, back to the Paparazzi. If this family is the subject of some twisted reality show (a la “The Truman Show” or EdTV), would one of you please tell me? As I cleaned up the entire box of cereal Quinn had dumped on the kitchen floor this morning (while I was in the bathroom), a paranoid thought stole over me, “This has to be staged.” Maybe I wouldn’t have felt that way if it hadn’t been for the previous night’s mysterious case of the otherwise-symptom-less projectile vomiting on the dining room floor. Sometimes I just feel like someone’s watching (and laughing), you know?

So did I mention before that February this year has been all about cold rain and sleet instead of snow? Check that– today we’re getting a bona fide snowstorm. It’s been going since early this morning: light stuff with tiny flakes that aren’t heavy on the shovel. So it’s been fun; though perhaps not for Clay and Chloe who will spend 4 hours trying to make a 2-hr drive home this evening. We do have a fire in the fireplace waiting for them, and a pan of homemade Spaghetti Bolognese in the works.

The late afternoon fire was Claire’s idea. We were out in the snow, shoveling and playing with the neighbor kids, when she came over to where I was chatting with Vanessa, the neighbor-mom. “Mommy,” Claire said, “I’m tired. It’s time to go in and have a fire and some hot cocoa.” Chloe has trained her well! Soon after, we did go inside, leaving piles of wet clothes and snow toys clogging the entryway. While I was lighting the fire, the phone rang. I intended to let it go to the machine if necessary (I’m a real scrooge about matches– didn’t want to waste one!). It stopped ringing, though, so as soon as I finished with the fire I went to see who it was on the call log. Lo and behold, I found our little guy coming up the basement stairs, phone in hand. He was talking to Will– a fairly one-sided conversation, apparently, but Q was very pleased with himself. What AM I going to do with this kid? I mean, his amiable little self actually seems to enjoy being sent to time-out! Nothing deters him from messing with the electronics.

Missing from this blog so far is our Will. He got an unexpected break last weekend: headmaster called an all-school holiday for Monday. So we got to have him with us for three whole days. He’s at school this weekend, studying and getting ready for Saturday night’s all-important “Bombardment Tourney” (I think that’s something like dodgeball). I think we may not get up to visit him this weekend, so that’s kind of hard on all of us. But in just about 10 days he’ll be home for three weeks. I can’t wait!

This weekend is unique in that we actually have some plans! Clay and I have a date for Saturday night, and the girls and I are going to see the musical “Peter Pan” on Sunday. I know, I know, our social calendar is getting completely out of hand… I just hope we don’t have to dodge the paparazzi while we’re out about town!

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