We wish you the happiest

December seems a blur. Not the bad, foggy kind of blur, like an out-of-focus picture you really want to be able to see. The good kind of blur, like when you’re on a wild ride at the amusement park and you just go with it though you can’t make out any details in the world around you. We decorated, and undecorated. We wrapped, and unwrapped. We shopped, and returned! We shoveled, and we mopped (when the window leaked). We went out, and we stayed in (a banner year for Christmas-release DVDs!). We celebrated with Paula here, we celebrated with Ken and Cathy here. We celebrated birthdays. We soaked up the time with the whole family together– Will was home for three weeks, and Clay was off work for almost two weeks.

Really, what did we do with all that time after Christmas? Played Guitar Hero, of course! (Rock on, brothers and sisters!) Some of us skated, indoors and out. We went into Boston, had lunch and walked around one day. Oh, and some days we hung out at home, some of us in our pjs all day.

Now we’re ready to get back to normal. But how do you do that when the toyboxes are overflowing, and the cabinets are still crammed with delicious treats (despite our Herculean efforts to consume it all in record time)? “Putting Christmas away” is always a gargantuan organizational task– an area that, well, let’s just say it doesn’t play to my strengths! But as I work through our clutter, I’m overwhelmed by our blessings. The new “stuff” is just representative of all we have to be thankful for as we head into another year…

Walls and warmth. Logs for the fire. Pillows and comforters. Coats and boots and mittens and hats. Greenery and the glow of lights against the early darkness. Joy and cheer and love. Ice skates and a pond; snow and sleds. A family board game on the living room floor. Warm dinners and cold bubble-water. Phones and computers and cars and airplanes to shorten the distances from family and friends. In short, for home and family and table… Lord, keep us truly grateful.

I promise to come back soon with some stories from the family, and some photos on the main blog page. For now, dinner calls– or my kids are calling for dinner– I don’t know, one of those. In the meantime, why don’t you all tell me a story or so?

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