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The great debate: Do I change the password to cut my family a break? All those Indians and Rockies fans should not have to type “goredsox” with wounds still raw. But then again, I would have to change settings, send a special e-mail, and then later change settings again and make sure everyone knew about it. I’m already more than two weeks behind… why complicate things? Further, if I change the password, is that somehow denying my team??? Does it make me weak? Hmmm. Let’s leave that TBD, but I’ll acknowledge that it’s possible no one but Clay and I will ever read this blog.

Meanwhile, baseball is over, which is sad whether you like the outcome of the series or not. Here around Beantown it’s dark before 6:00. Last week’s brilliant foliage show is fading into brown. Soccer is over in a week. Do we need any further evidence? The seasons they are a-changin.

Coco is officially a teenager. We celebrated with her favorite treat: meat! For those of you who haven’t been to the Brazilian BBQ place with us, they come around with skewers of something like 12 different meats (13 if you count the chicken hearts!), and they don’t stop until you fall out of your chair. This is a good deal with Chloe around– even at full price now that she is off the children’s menu. She’s always the last one still going! (And I wouldn’t make so much of that if she weren’t still wearing size 00 jeans!)

Claire is also a teenager now, it seems. The other day I squeezed in a quick shower while the littles were watching a movie/playing. As shampoo ran into my eyes, Claire came into the bathroom and said, “Mom, Quinny was really stinky, so I changed him.” Record-setting moments later (quickest rinse and dry ever!) I charged out to survey the damage. There stood Quinn, still in his pajama bottoms, but with a not-quite-fastened-but-otherwise-perfectly-applied diaper. On the floor nearby lay his changing pad, a wet diaper, and the wipes. Mission accomplished! I fastened Quinn’s diaper and sent Claire to wash her hands.
Another episode last week. At left is the sandwich Claire decided to make for herself for breakfast one recent morning. I do allow her to experiment a bit with these kinds of things, so I got out the deli meat and bread and then turned my attention momentarily to Quinn. I had no idea she was going for a Dagwood sandwich. Who knows how high it would have gotten if I hadn’t returned when I did? Never a dull moment with “teenagers” in the house!

It’s been a gorgeous fall here– best I remember seeing in all our years in New England. I’ve enjoyed drives up to see Will or watch soccer games. We’ve managed a few family outings in the foliage– like the one where we played “Poohsticks” on the bridge (see photos). Claire is really into that particular Pooh episode, so she was thrilled. (Chloe’s favorite is “Blustery Day,” but we’ll replicate that one in a few months). Quinn remained in captivity while I was snapping photos on the bridge, but I promise he was later given some freedom.

Actually, last weekend gave us another goldencrisp fall day and we got down to leaf-jumping and pumpkin carving. I’ll throw in a little photo montage to give you a taste. Triumphant pose-with-the-pumpkins pictures may be found on the main page. I’ll put up a fall photo album soon.

What else to mention?
★ Will was home twice this month, and we love having him back. He finally got rid of his cast on Tuesday. Things seem to be going pretty well at school, but the workload is heavier than he has ever faced. So send a kind thought his way as he goes through mid-terms this week and next.
★ Chloe took 13th (out of 350!) at the conference championships last Friday. Now she is training with the high school team and a few of her teammates for the upcoming Junior Olympics.
★ Claire is really into making books and pictures and writing letters (of the alphabet) on her work. She does a great job with her name, as well as Quinn’s. She came home from school on Monday reciting, “Mommy, my gym teacher taught us ‘just three little words: Go Red Sox!’”
★ Quinn is a singer. His favorite thing about school is clearly the music, and he can often be heard around home singing “Twinkle, twinkle,” “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,” “Happy Birthday,” and of course, the Incredibles tune. He also loves to dance. One of his favorite words is “munchkin” (as in Dunkin’ Donuts). He uses the same word for the pumpkins outside, so I’m wondering if he has a recipe idea or something…

Okay. Anyone out there, or have I really stayed up this late for an unread blog? Well then… till next time?

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