A Morning in the Life

Breakfast, Thursday morning. Claire is standing on a chair at the kitchen counter, emptying her hot cocoa envelope into her mug. Quinn is climbing into his high chair and calling for eggs. “Uh-oh, Mommy!” says Claire as I return to the kitchen, “I had a accident. Cocoa germs are all over!” (Interesting take on the little cocoa granules.) Meanwhile, from the dining room I hear Quinn chanting the Shocka Milk song … and no, he’s not getting chocolate milk for breakfast.

I love this time of the day. It’s easy not to get upset over little things like spills. We’ve successfully gotten Chloe off to school. Everyone is happy. Coffee is imminent. We haven’t been late for anything yet. And usually, no one has thrown a tantrum yet. This is 8:15.

By 8:45, Claire– no matter how much nagging I’ve done– has eaten four bites of whatever is breakfast; Quinn has eaten four helpings of whatever is breakfast. I now have 10 minutes remaining in which to change a diaper, get them both dressed and shod, deal with Claire’s hair, grab all their gear for school, and march them out the door. Did I mention washing their faces? I usually forget that and they get a spit bath somewhere between here and the JCC (or, like, furtively in the hallway outside their classrooms, when I finally notice there is hot cocoa on Claire’s nose!)

Usually, we leave the house at 9:00– doesn’t matter what part of the routine I try to change, it’s always 9. We dash across the path, through the park, up the steep stairs and through the insanely busy parking lot to the JCC, where I fumble to find my keys and beep ourselves through before Claire and Quinn crash the gate. Then I play elevator chase as Quinn careens down the hall to hit the button and I try to stop him from riding the elevator without me (Like Chloe did many years ago at a Courtyard hotel…). Hmmm. Just describing it all makes me want to get out the stroller again– if only he weren’t so strong and Houdini-like.

So there’s a portrait for you– and for me to remember when they are self-sufficient teenagers procuring their own breakfast (and driving themselves to school?).

We are trying for a routine around here now that it’s getting toward mid-October. Chloe is keeping us busy with her activities. She had a XC meet this week, beat her personal best time again, and finished a close 3rd for her team (5th overall). She plays soccer tomorrow– on her birthday– and we’re taking cupcakes for the team. We’re also getting ready for Parents’ Weekend at Brooks beginning tomorrow. I have a friend who is doing super duty and taking both of my littles for 5 hours so I can go to some of the Friday events. Will has a soccer game in the late afternoon, which Clay will watch while I will go back to Marblehead to watch Chloe’s game (and relieve my by-then-overworked babysitting friend). Will is apparently playing well despite the cast– having scored the winning goal in his game at Middlesex yesterday.

The real birthday celebration is scheduled for Saturday. We’ll all go to Brooks for morning events– like mini-classes where we get to walk through everything with him! (Chloe will babysit the kids on the playground– pray for no rain…). Then we’ll take Will and get on with the weekend. So, cupcakes are baking as I write (actually, they kind of all fell over and puffed into each other…), and there’s plenty more to do to get ready for all these weekend festivities. That’s my excuse for an abrupt ending. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, too!

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