That’s Incredible…

Is anyone else here old enough, (or dorky enough) to remember the show, “That’s Incredible!”? Actually, Clay just told me he remembers the show and that the host was Fran Tarkenton, so I guess that makes him even dorkier than me! Anyway, “incredible” is the theme of the week, as you can see from Quinn’s delighted pose. The picture at right was taken just after Quinn unexpectedly tossed his Dash figurine into the harbor for a swim at high tide. I couldn’t exactly go in after it… I mean, of course I would have if there’d been another adult around to watch the kids…yep, really…never mind how cold the water.

I’m sure many of you are tuned in here only to find out who won the caption challenge… Many, many thanks to everyone for being such good sports and playing our little game– you’re all going to get honorable mention prizes at the least (just watch your mailboxes!). All were very humorous, but the winning entrant is Kelli– very good! (E-mail me about your picture preference, Kelli). By the way, I think I deserve some credit for putting that embarrassing picture of myself up– but then I felt like I ought to, since I was putting up the one of Will.

Clay was on the road most of this week, so Quinn and the girls and I were on our own– sounds like too much of a crowd to be “on our own,” but it did feel different. Chloe and I got some quality hanging out time after the kids went to bed each night. She also helped me in various ways, for example last night she babysat while I grabbed a quick shower. Apparently it was an eventful 20 minutes. First Quinn presented her with a gift. Once he finally got it off his hand and into hers– it took three tries– she discovered it was a lovely boogie! Then Claire announced, as she sat beside Coco, ‘helping’ her with homework: “Ahh! I can’t just sit here– it’s sooo BORING!” I don’t think Chloe disagreed, really.

The littles and I also spent a good deal of time on the road, dealing with Will’s broken finger (which is now in a cast, as you can see on the main blog page and update). We also took in a soccer game on Wednesday, in which he scored two goals. That was really fun to see– especially since he has played defense most of his soccer career. But most important is that he likes his team and his teammates, and is having a great time playing soccer (which has not always been the case in the past).

Claire and Quinn did have school the first part of the week, but as fall is the Jewish holiday season, they were out of school again at the end of this week. This one was for Simchat Torah– a celebration of the Torah (scriptures), and it caps off 4 weeks of holidays, beginning with Rosh Hashanah (the new year) then Yom Kippur (the day of atonement) and then Sukkot (a harvest and thanksgiving that lasts several days). Claire can tell you much more than I can about the Jewish holidays, though, and even sing some songs. As for me, I have a lot of respect for the Jewish faith, culture and traditions, and I am glad to be learning about these things (but the school schedule for the first month is crazy– kind of like May in France)!

Wednesday morning was Quinn’s annual checkup (while Claire was in school). Will you be surprised to learn that he is a big guy? He weighed in at almost 33lbs, and was 38” tall. Not off the charts, but way up there. He was furious about the flu shot and finger-prick blood test (those really don’t work well for those of us with low blood pressure… it took forever to fill that little vial!). To help him settle down after the trauma, I promised him some chocolate milk. He LOVES it– even has a little hopping dance he does (Happy Feet style) to the chorus “shocka milk, shocka milk!” So we had a really nice Mommy/Quinn Starbucks break. Then we went on to wash and vacuum the car. He’s a little afraid of the car wash, but I figured he’d be fine. Little did I know that, being Salem, even the inside of the car wash was decorated for Halloween– to great effect, I might add. He was terrified– covering his eyes with his little hands, but unable to resist peeking out at those skeletons in their transparent rain ponchos…

Clay got home from his road trip last night, so we’re looking forward to some time with him this weekend. Chloe has Monday off, so we’ll be trying to think of something fun to do with that time– my idea of fun is often different from hers, so we’ll consult and negotiate… Will is not coming home this weekend, but we’ll probably try to visit him for brunch or something. Next weekend we get him through Monday, after spending Friday at school with him for Parents’ Weekend.

So fall marches on. By the way, Happy Birthday yesterday to Grandma Lyn! Before we know it, it will be Halloween and then all those crazy visitors to Salem can finally go home till next year! Am I a Halloween Scrooge??? By the way, for Chloe and I, October marks the official start of “Christmas Music Season,” so you’re safe to pull out your Bing albums now. And on that note, I will leave you for a week or so with season’s greetings… ummm… Happy Columbus Day?

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