Potato chips and Nutella: comfort foods

He’s off. We took Will to school this morning… and left him there. And now I’m home alone with the littles, eating potato chips and Nutella. I hope this behavior is temporary, but I’m seeking solace wherever it can be found at the moment!

We got up and out this morning with minimal fuss. The littles were left home with a babysitter so we could focus on Will today. Actually, one of the hardest moments of the day for me was when Will said goodbye to the littles. It was another absolutely gorgeous day, and the drive couldn’t have been prettier– the lake sparkling among the rolling hills as we approached campus. We went in and joined the queues and greeted some of the people we knew– the admissions counselor, the soccer coach, the mother of one of Will’s old soccer teammates. Will was excited in a low-key kind of way. Nervous, too, of course.

When we finally got through all the registration process– schedule, linens, mailbox, telephone, books, room– we dashed off to catch a quick lunch. We really were dashing, as there was supposed to be a talk by the headmaster. But I took time to look around the beautiful dining hall and imagine our Will there later in the day– and in coming days– without us. You know, the image seemed right: he seemed to belong there.

Finally, after hoofing it to the headmaster’s talk only to find it had been canceled, we checked in at his dorm. He’s way back off the road– we’d better get him a warm coat for winter, because he gets to hike to class every morning! But he’s got a tidy little room that looks great with his stuff all settled in. As of this evening, his internet connection is still not working, so don’t look for communication immediately. I did take a picture, but it was with his camera (which we’ve been using as the family camera since Christmas) so it stayed with him.

As we left, he was walking off across the field to find his soccer practice. Tall Will, bag slung over his shoulder, looking worried that I might break down when I kissed him goodbye. Then striding off across the grass to meet the challenge ahead.

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