Last Days of Summer… First Day of School

It seemed we would never make the first curve into summer just a couple months ago, but now we have careened around the final bend. Last week– our final week of summer– was tremendous: sunny and beautiful, but with a hint of “crispness” in the air. Indian summer days before time for an Indian summer.

We made our last trips to the beach and visits to the pool . Chloe and Will did final summer sleepovers with friends (up a tree at left), and Will had a farewell party thrown for him by some good friends. We entertained the Carere family when they came to pick up Nico and Camilla– with whom we had a great little overnight visit. Nico is our godson, but it’s not easy to get to know a kid in our brief, chaotic get-togethers that now involve a grand total of 4 adults and 9 kids (see the “princess ice cream” at right for just a small sampling). Talk about outnumbered! So “Will and Chloe Camp” was all about getting a little quality time with these special friends.

We spent Labor Day weekend getting ready for school and enjoying the fabulous weather. Monday morning was an especially glorious outing at the beach, with kites and sandcastles. I put some new pictures on the welcome page, but here are a few more, and I’m leaving them in large format because I think they’re beautiful:

Claire caught the kite,

Quinn caught Will,

Then he caught Chloe.

Today was back to school for three of the four kids. I only had to say “school” and “go” to Quinn before he was beating down the door to go. He went straight to his classroom– with the same teachers Claire had last year– and was delighted to find that this time he got to stay. Claire was excited to go to school too, but found herself a little shy when the moment came. She summoned her courage and did a great job leaving us, then went on to have a great morning. Speaking of “us,” a parade of Hesketts went to preschool today– we all took Claire and Quinn for their first day! It was really fun, and we don’t care if we’re a spectacle! Chloe had a half day, so she met some friends for lunch and then walked to school with them. We’re pleased to report that this year she actually has some of her friends in her classes, and she’s very excited about the teaching team she got.

Tomorrow is Will’s day. We leave around 10:00 for an 11:00 registration. We’ll move him in, stay for lunch and a meeting with the headmaster, then… gulp… we leave. We’ll go again on Sunday for the formal kickoff, so we’ll have a chance to take anything he forgot and, of course, check that he survived preseason soccer camp. I’ll report back as soon as I’m done crying…

Till then, thanks for your thoughts and prayers that Will’s experience will be only the best. E-mail Will (just click on his name!) if you like, though I don’t know how much leisure time he will have this week. Whether he responds or not, I guarantee he will like hearing from the people he cares about during the beginning of this new adventure.

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