Summer slump is over

Quinn climbed up to the computer this morning and opened this file. No kidding. So I guess it’s time to write again.

I’ve been in a slump. And slumps are so hard to explain– if we knew what caused them, then we’d know what to fix and how to get out of it! I truly have felt like I’m whiffing at everything over the plate: curveballs thrown by the bigs, fastballs by the littles, and even the batting practice lobs of daily housekeeping. When you’re in a slump, everything that doesn’t go right, and any adversity you face, feels like it is personally, maliciously directed at you. And that whole self-centered view obscures everything else (can’t see the ball coming at the plate when you’re looking at your own belly button!). That pretty much explains why I haven’t been able to see the little entertaining things that make our chaos happy instead of just plain chaotic. Slump solved…just get over myself.

A month is a long time to catch up on, so I’m going to cut to some highlights:

✴ Chloe playing with the orchestra again in beautiful Jordan Hall in Boston. It is astonishing the level of professionalism they achieve. The concert is free, but I would pay to go even if my daughter weren’t playing. Clay made DVDs for the grandparents– we’ll get them out to you soon.
✴ A slightly hurried dinner before the concert with just Clay and Will. Mom, Dad, Will and Chloe are overdue to do something together like in the old days (dinner in Paris, maybe???)
✴ Quinn making faces at the baby in the mirror– any mirror, anywhere. He scrunches up his nose and gives a fierce snarl or two or three. Then he puts on a pouty face because the baby scares him! That’s a snarl, to the right, but I wasn’t fast enough to catch the reflection.
✴ Q and Claire loudly “calling” Chloe in a bookstore after I commented that we would have to call Chloe to find her (I meant on the phone!). But guess what– the old fashioned way works, too. “COCO! COCO!”
✴ Will spending a lot of time around his little siblings– playing chase, hanging out, being a good big brother.
✴ Claire playing at the beach with her friend, Maddie. Two little sandy, brown girls chasing the waves and screaming like, well, little girls.
✴ The family (all except me and Quinn) building a great sandcastle at Preston Beach on a beach-perfect Sunday. Quinn later added his special touch– his signature “12th century ruins” look.
✴ Shopping with Chloe for a dress (and shoes, of course!) to wear to her good friend’s bat mitzvah later this month.

In just a week we leave for a trip to Ohio. We’re all looking forward to the annual pilgrimage. I don’t know when I will next find time to blog, because after that it’s time to get it in gear for back to school, not to mention Will’s departure for Brooks. Lots of shopping to do! We’re also hosting Will-camp and Chloe-camp for our young friends Nico and Camilla, who will be coming up for a few days at the end of the month.

So, busy times ahead. Good thing the slump is over, so we can be in top form for the end of the summer– and the run up to the playoffs. The Red Sox still have a 5 or 6 game lead, but those damn Yankees are gaining. Everyone type your password several times, now…

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