This is tricky, this writing about a whole ten days. Where to begin? Where to end?

School’s out! Grandma Cathy and Grandpa Ken came in for a quick visit last week (click on the photo gallery photos on previous page to see more pics). We did a little hanging out, a little touristing, and a little beach-sitting. Oh, and we ate ice cream– after baseball, that’s the second most popular summertime activity in New England. We also visited Brooks, and I got to reacquaint myself with the facilities. Wow. It’s a really nice place, and the people we ran into were really nice. Will is going to have a great experience. By the way, click on the Quebec photo on the previous page to see some of his photos and narration from Quebec.

The big kids are enjoying their freedom to the max. We’re experimenting with letting them determine their own bedtimes, so they’ve had some late nights recently. Will is really into world domination, having purchased “Age of Empires” for his laptop. Last I checked, he was getting ready to invade old Britain. We’re calling him William the Conqueror. Chloe, meanwhile, is content to rule her Sims with an iron fist. If they get out of line, she slaps them with a fish. Really! (Ask her,

But already they’re outgrowing the total freedom of childhood. Will is trying to get on as a caddy at the country club. If it works out, he’ll report at 7am at least a couple of days each week. And Chloe has only a couple of weeks before she starts her camp at the New England Conservatory. That’s a full day commitment in Boston every day for three weeks, with extra practice expected in the evenings. Next thing you know, they’ll have full-time jobs and be wanting to use the car.

The little kids are kind of on a superhero kick. Quinn is head-over-heels for “The Incredibles”. He walks around singing, “Da-da-dah-da-daah!” (for those of you who know the song), and begging us every way he knows how to start the movie. Claire, however, is obsessed with her new bathing suit– one of those wetsuit-type things with a floating vest sewn inside. We’re calling it her “supersuit”– just like the Incredibles do– because she looks really, really buff in it! Quinn has one, too, but he is not so sure he likes the extra “muscles” around his chest.

Yesterday was our first try at taking the littles to the pool (it just opened on Sunday!). Claire really did well at getting in and playing around– she especially enjoyed dunking Will when he was hanging around with us. Quinn had his own agenda– as usual. He wanted to be running around on the deck, splashing in the dirty puddles, playing on the muddy playground equipment, and generally doing anything but staying in the water close to Claire. So I’m wondering how I will manage these logistics… any suggestions?

Today we are going to the beach. It’s hot and sunny, so we’re waiting till later in the afternoon. For afterwards I bought some of those icy pops– you know, the tubes of colored sugar water that you freeze for kids? I’m thinking they will be a big hit. I’ll let you know next time…

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