Speeding Tickets in Limbo-land

The end-of-year events are flying by like the 1/10-mile markers on the Ohio Turnpike (on a good-traffic day, doing 65!). I think I left my mind somewhere back around mile marker 39, but I’ll try to recap.

Will returned from Quebec in one piece, with lots of pictures to share (coming soon). He celebrated his 14th with a movie (Ocean’s 13) and a friend sleeping over. Sunday we celebrated en famille, with a trip to the Apple store, then a special dinner celebration. Is it cheating if part of his birthday was his cool, new Mac laptop for school next year?

Speaking of which, I thought I was doing okay with him going off to school next year… until I tried to get there this week. Someone at mapquest was watching my zigzag progress on some secret underground map monitoring facility, and laughing gleefully Tuesday morning. Now I’m worried that I might not be able to find him again once we take him there.

Chloe’s cello recital was Tuesday night in Salem. She played beautifully, and she looked beautiful (photo credit goes to Sandy). I will try to link some video from her piece, but my technical consultant is consulting out of town at the moment, so we’ll “roll tape” next time…

Wednesday was Claire’s last day of school for the year. She moves to preschool next year, so her 2 years with Mary Ellen and Anita came to an end. I was prepared to be dignified about that… until Mary Ellen teared up. When you find someone who not only takes good care OF your child, but seems to really care ABOUT your child– well, you don’t want to see them go. The teachers filled big beach buckets with little gifts and with the kids’ belongings from their cubbies. Apparently Claire still had a diaper among her things, because when she went through the bucket she found one and thought her teachers had given it to her as a present. She proudly donned her “new” diaper, and it took some convincing to get her back into her undies.

Tonight was Will’s 8th grade moving on ceremony. It was a nicely done event for the 250ish kids in his Marblehead class. Our own guy didn’t seem too nostalgic about moving on, even though his move will be significant. Both the upside and the downside of all the moving we did when W & C were small: they’re always ready to go try the next adventure, but they don’t have deep roots in some childhood hometown.

So everyone has traveled and aged, recited and finished, and moved on… But there are still two more days of school! W & C go tomorrow AND Monday! We are in limbo– and I don’t mean the fun beach game with sticks and music. I mean that borderland between heaven and hell, where innocent but unredeemed souls are trapped for eternity!* [*DISCLAIMER: This is not to suggest, referring back to my opening line, that the Ohio turnpike runs between these two locales– we all know it runs between Indiana and Pennsylvania (a little geography for our Texas friends!), and I’d never venture to say which was heaven and which was hell if I WERE making the allusion.]

I think we really will be done with school someday, though; and we really will enter into that blissful golden summer. We’ll go to the beach and the pool and the park. We’ll take long walks and get ice cream. We’ll watch more baseball. It really could happen. Someday.

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