As You Sow…

Finallly, finally, we made a successful trip to the garden center, came home with an odd melange of flowers, and stuck them in the ground out front. Twice this week the littles and I had had to abandon ship at the nursery and walk away empty-handed. This time I was not leaving without vegetation! There were almost no petunias yet, and I grew tired of looking for shade-friendly flowers. So I grabbed things in the colors and heights I wanted, with utter disregard for whether they need sun and what type of soil they prefer. I planted them all together, survival-style, and may the best flower win! Perhaps my aunt Becky’s friend Edna is right, sun rays blow under the shade anyway (why else would you see spots of sunlight even under a leafy tree?).

So was shopping the hard part and planting easy? Well… first I tried planting while the littles ran around in the front yard Wed. evening. But Quinn found Will’s soccer ball and kept throwing it into the street, from where it can roll all the way to Salem Harbor if someone doesn’t stop it. When I wasn’t chasing the ball, I was chasing Quinn chasing the ball. Pretty good exercise, and excellent entertainment for the neighbors. When I finally took Quinn and the ball to the backyard, Q found his Little Tikes fleet in the driveway. He was fine till he decided to take a little joy ride down the hill at the end of the drive. His joy, my stress, but no band-aids needed. Eventually the evening planting was abandoned with only about four flowers in the ground.

Thursday morning during Q’s nap worked out a little better. Claire was so helpful she began going to the backyard, digging up weeds, and transplanting them to the front flower beds. How do you explain why weeds aren’t worth planting to a 3-yr-old? We planted them. Hopefully she won’t notice later when they’re gone. I expect she’ll help me with watering every day– she can’t resist turning the hose on me! Mom, last summer’s incident with her spraying you wasn’t just a cute toddler trick, it was the first of a string of misdemeanors with a garden hose. At least she’s not headed for a life of grime (ugh, sorry!).

Chloe has been my companion and help this week after school. Track is over, and Will is not here for soccer, so we are amazed at how long the evenings are. Tonight she had to stay home and keep on the homework, but the littles and I went for a walk with the wagon after dinner. I swear I am not making this up: a squirrel almost fell from a tree right onto my head. It landed 12 inches from my left foot. I saw something fall, heard a thud, and looked down to see it right itself and scramble away almost across my feet. I turned around and Quinn looked as stunned as I was. He is my only witness, though Claire was quite cautious when under trees for the rest of our outing (waiting for the other squirrel to drop?) Hope she gets over it– there are a lot of trees in Massachusetts.

We’re very much looking forward to Will-Will’s return tomorrow afternoon, and to celebrating his birthday this weekend. Sandy Sage is also coming in for a few days, so we’re looking forward to seeing her. I intend to make this a once-a-week or so blog, but it’s been too much fun learning to do it and hearing from everybody this week! Thank you, family and friends, for the encouragement. Love, and happy weekend, to all.

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