The Magic House

As some of you know, I’ve started calling our little house the Magic House. Like the little circus cars that all the clowns come pouring out of, it holds many more people than it looks like it ought to. Really, it’s just a bitty little thing from out on the street, but inside we manage to squeeze four bedrooms, a couple of extra baths, and a big basement playroom. Sure I covet spacious closets, and I’m tired of the endless list of repairs and projects (probably not as tired as Clay is), but the little house and I are making friends.

But today, our crazy neighbors are at it again. You know, the ones with the “perma-pod” (Portable On Demand storage unit?) parked in their driveway? We used to joke that one of them was actually living in it. Today, they pulled up a U-Haul and started loading stuff into the truck from inside the house– no, NOT from inside the Pod. And no, they’re not moving away. They just have a lot of stuff! “I can’t stand to throw things away, and I just can’t give Salvation Army any more. I’m not that generous,” the neighbor tells me. So I guess that means the Pod is staying? Maybe the neighborhood could take up a collection to have it landscaped (right after they do our front yard!). At any rate, the much saner neighbor from across the street has already been over to coordinate a date for our joint yard sale. Guess the fate of an extreme pack-rat scared her as much as it did me. Isn’t it true that the characteristics we dislike most in others are the ones we ourselves battle?

Back to the magic house and its elasticity. Chloe actually built a chateau in her room a couple weeks ago. Ask her how she feels about paper mache projects. Wish I had a picture to include! One cool thing about the chateau, which was an assignment for French class, was that she was able to include a photograph of herself standing in front of the actual thing. And on other artsy notes, I just found out last night that she will be exhibiting a drawing at the Marblehead Festival of Arts over the 4th of July! Her art teacher chose some student work to exhibit, and she can actually put a price tag on her work if she wants. Hope I don’t have to get into a bidding war to get it!

Will called from Canada earlier today. He was standing on top of one of the highest waterfalls in North America. “It’s really cool, Mom! You can look down about 400 feet and see the rocks in the water below!” Great. Just what a mom wants to hear on the phone… like calling from a hang glider over the Himalayas. Yes, I said it, I couldn’t help myself, “Geez, be careful! Don’t fall!” Pretty neat that he wanted to share it with us, though. There are pictures and nightly trip updates on the school website: (Will is wearing his green shell, standing just right of center in the big group photo).

The littles finally got to go outside today, after Quinn’s fever late last week and a few days of rain following. Q gleefully stomped in all the puddles, of course. The best ones he found were at the pitcher’s mound on the t-ball diamond. Claire had several busy days (in the course of an hour or so) driving to and from work on her trike in the driveway. The trike, by the way, is the same one Will rode down the staircase at the first Los Alamos house (yes, we were bright young parents, weren’t we?)!

I did warn you that once I got started on this I might not stop. Thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting (I LOVE that!). Till next time…

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