Testing the Waters

Will headed off to Quebec with his 8th grade French class today. Thirty-seven kids and three chaperones (would YOU volunteer?). Seriously, it is good to know I can trust him to behave himself. A little poignant though– this is his last couple of weeks with his Marblehead classmates. Next year, having him gone all week will be the norm. Do I even have to mention how unprepared I am for that step? Anyway, shake off that thought, Micki. The 8th graders will be touring the big Chateau Frontenac (on the river) and all kinds of other landmarks with which I am unfamiliar (who knew there was a Grand Canyon in Canada???). They’ll be going on a river cruise, having a crepe dinner, seeing some folk dancing, and baking in an Indian sweat lodge (probably a lot like their locker room!). Maybe next week I’ll get him involved and he’ll put up a picture or two.

The littles and I just came home in the pouring rain from lunch with a friend at Panera. For some reason, they decided to act like wild children. What triggers this? Was their “chicken little soup” laced with something? Is it the weather? Or was it the crazy day at the New England Aquarium yesterday– a birthday party extravaganza the likes of which we haven’t experienced before. Claire’s friend Jordie turned 3, and let me just say that the goodie bag given to the guests resembled my children’s wildest dreams of an Aquarium gift shop shopping spree! Claire’s best hope is for a sweet 16 party on that scale…

While I escorted Claire to the party, Chloe and her friend Shannon took responsibility for Quinn. Apparently he quite liked petting and pulling the starfish– good thing they can grow new arms! (just kidding, if any of you PETA people are monitoring). When I caught up with them after the party, he was nimbly climbing a display wall and having a conversation with an uglyish catfish-type creature. The slow-moving, leering sharks didn’t bother him, but every time the big, flat, shiny fish (see how much I learned!) swam round he grabbed two fistfuls of hair (Chloe’s or mine), shrieked like a seagull, and hid his face.

Meanwhile, Will and Clay were getting a drenching (and a drubbing, it turns out) at the State Cup soccer tournament in Amherst, MA. Their consolation is that it was an achievement just to qualify… and in their first game they held the perennial champion Boston Blast team to 4 goals. This brings Will’s club soccer career to a close, as next spring he intends to be rowing crew for Brooks.

And that brings my blogging debut to a close, as we are about to swim out to the car and go pick up Chloe from school. My very best to each of you invited readers, thanks for indulging me. I’ll try to think of a catchy closing line for next time!

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